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Raindrop Therapy/Massage services
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Standard Rates

You may pay in person or on-line below or when you use our on-line scheduler.

Massage RatesRaindrop Therapy/Massage Session Rates
30-minute Massage: $50
60-minute Massage: $80
75-minute Massage: $95
90-minute Massage: $110
120-minute Massage: $140
60-min Raindrop/Massage: $95
75-min Raindrop/Massage: $110
90-min Raindrop/Massage: $125

Standard Massage Rates

Standard Raindrop Therapy/Massage Session Rates

Need me to travel to your home or workplace? Add $30.

Add a Tip

Tips are not expected but always appreciated! If you’re paying on-line here or via my scheduler, or it’s after your session, and you’d like to add a tip, you may use the following button to add a tip at the monetary value you choose.

Package Rates

You may pay in person or on-line here or when you use our on-line scheduler.

Packages: Massage ServicesPackages: Raindrop Therapy/Massage Sessions
Three 60-min. Massages: $225 (Save $15)
Five 60-min. Massages: $365 (Save $35)
Ten 60-min. Massages: $700 (Save $100)

Three 75-min. Massages: $270 (Save $15)
Five 75-min. Massages: $440 (Save $35)
Ten 75-min. Massages: $850 (Save $100)

Three 90-min. Massages: $315 (Save $15)
Five 90-min. Massages: $515 (Save $35)
Ten 90-min. Massages: $1000 (Save $100)
Three 60-min. Raindrop/Massage: $270 (Save $15)
Five 60-min. Raindrop/Massage: $440 (Save $35)
Ten 60-min. Raindrop/Massage: $850 (Save $100)

Three 75-min. Raindrop/Massage: $315 (Save $15)
Five 75-min. Raindrop/Massage: $515 (Save $35)
Ten 75-min. Raindrop/Massage: $1000 (Save $100)

Three 90-min. Raindrop/Massage: $360 (Save $15)
Five 90-min. Raindrop/Massage: $590 (Save $35)
Ten 90-min. Raindrop/Massage: $1150 (Save $100)

Massage Package Rates: Champion Massage with Debbie Lipski

Raindrop Therapy Package Rates



Gift Certificates

Request a Gift Certificate Debbie Lipski Button